Regionals Lost & Found

Hi SW Club Regionals Participants,

Below is a list of gear found at the Del Mar Polo grounds after Regionals. If you recognize any of it: please fill out the form below (even if you want us to throw stuff away) so we know what to do with your stuff. If we don’t hear from you by October 23rd, we will donate what we can to Goodwill and throw the rest away. In terms of getting your stuff back there are two options: 1) Come grab it AND play in our next event, the US Beach Open! 2) Send $5 to via PayPal and we’ll ship it to you. Thanks again for joining us in Del Mar and we look forward to seeing you soon,

       – The Whole Regionals Team

White tear-away Nike pantsBlack ankle-high cleats in a black Canada West bball bagBlack & gray Adidas sandalsBlue Keen sandals
Black flipflopsGreen Gatorade squirt bottleGreen Gatorade squirt bottle w/ Contested Strip stickerOrange Nalgene
Dark gray Nalgene with UPA sticker"Gymshark" hoodieGray sweatpants with a small southwest design"Death Valley" Purple Nalgene
Black/White/Blue socks (maybe Nike?)Silver cleat bag, black cleats, disc that says "Purdy", glovesGray Adidas shoesBlack/red Adidas shoes
Burgundy chair-bagBlue "Seattle University" Nalgene