Meet Our Amazing Club Regionals Team!

Club Regionals Team 2017

Trevor SmithTournament Director; volunteers, amenities, and time maestro
Trevor Smith has been an active participant in Southwest Regional ultimate since 2004. He was a founding member of the Cal State Long Beach college team, played with the L.A. open team Renegade for 6 years, was a member of the L.A. Aviators' 2016 AUDL campaign, and played for L.A. Point Break which represented Southern California at the 2015-17 Beach National Championships. He also attended the most recent Masters Championships with the mixed-masters team Member's Only. He's helped organize Lei Out since 2011 and was the TD of Huck-It Long Beach from 2011-16.
Russell GaskampAsst. Tournament Director; tech & scores guru
‘Spike’ was introduced to ultimate at Pepperdine University at a pickup game that was run by Law School professors. Playing barefoot and being amazed at the first player he met that could throw a hammer, he instantly found a replacement for the sports he played in High School. He moved to Austin, met Gary Breaux and helped form the Ultimate Players League of Austin (UPLA). Spike moved back to Los Angeles eighteen months later and has played his way across Club teams such as Merge, BCBC, Renegade, and 7 Figures. In 2016, he helped revamp the LAOUT board and is currently the treasurer. Most recently, Spike has captained Point Break (Mixed Beach Nationals Champions 2015 & 2017) while also stepping up to organize and run the US Beach Open (which will be back this November!). Spike always jumps at the opportunity to help introduce new people to the sport that changed his life.
Meeri ChangSW Women's Regional Coordinator
Meeri started playing ultimate in 2010 at University of Michigan. She has played with Polar Bears, Team USA U23 women's team, and currently plays for San Francisco Fury. She is the Southwest Regional coordinator, and coaches Berkeley High School team.
Paul OttoSW Mixed Regional Coordinator
Paul has been playing club ultimate in the scalding heat of Arizona since 2009. He has played and captained teams in the mixed division since 2012 and has been the Southwest Mixed Regional Coordinator since 2014.
Steven ChangSW Men's Regional Coordinator
Steven started his ultimate career at UCLA in 2006. After graduating, he moved back up to the Bay Area and played on the mixed team American BBQ for 6 years, and currently trusts the process with Oakland Guerrilla. He also plays for the San Jose Spiders in the AUDL, after spending one season with the Los Angeles Aviators in 2015.
Trainer coming soon!
Grant BoydEvent & Site Administrator
Did you someone or some part of this event make your day? Loved the field site? Hated it? The tournament need more of this or less of that? Let Grant know so California Ultimate can continue to run even better events for our members. And remember, the more details you provide, the better we can implement change.