2023 California High School State Championship

California Ultimate is excited to host both the Girl’s and Open divisions on May 20-21, 2023 in Stockton, California. At this time we – with the help of our USAU Youth State Competition Coordinator Jacob Barr – are accepting expressions of interest to start planning competition formats. We do our very best to include every team that wants to participate, your help in providing us timely information about your team(s) will help us get every team set up for success.


Date:  Girls’ Division – May 21 (we’ll expand to 2 days if we get 5+ teams registered by April 28)
           Open Divisions 1 & 2 – May 20-21, 2023

Time Expectations (subject to change, and not including warm-up before games start):

  • Saturday – 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Sunday – 8:30AM-3:30PM
  • Award Ceremony – 3:30PM-4:15PM

Field Site: Stockton Soccer Complex, 10055 CA-99, Stockton, CA 95212

Divisions: Div I, Div II, & Developmental teams are all welcome, however we will likely combine several divisions based on the number of teams expressing interest like we have in past years.

Teams: We’ll provide a list of teams that have registered by April 28th.

Official Hotel: We are aiming to have a hotel deal posted for participants by April 17th.

Fees: CUA is now using a Pay What You Can pricing structure for youth events for greater accessibility. Read more about Pay What You Can pricing below or click here. This event is valued at $50 per Open Division player, and $20 per Girls Division player.

Financial Aid: CUA now uses a Pay What You Can pricing structure for youth events to make events affordable for all. There are also financial barriers to getting a USAU membership and/or getting coaches certified; but there are also some great programs to help with those costs:

  • Spring Youth Intro Membership – These $20 memberships are for new youth players who would like to play in HS States; if the player is planning to play at YCC then they’ll need the full Youth Membership
  • RAD Grant – Covers select costs for Non-Binary, Women, & BIPOC coaches
  • Delrico Johnson Fund – Covers membership costs for BIPOC athletes
  • Play It Forward – covers Affiliate or Youth Membership costs for an individual or team from an underserved area
  • Email us prior to registering for the event so we can seek and provide the support your team needs

Frequently Asked Questions About Pay What You Can Pricing

We will advertise the full cost of a program registration, for example $50, and then when you register you will be given the option to pay a discounted or fully subsidized registration, as well as the option to ‘Pay It Forward’ with a donation. In addition, you can consider volunteering into your decision on what to pay. We highly encourage volunteering for your program registration!

  1. Pay the suggested price
  2. Pay less than the suggested price if needed
  3. Pay it forward and add a donation if you can
  4. Volunteer in exchange for paying less if you are able

Consider the difference between financial sacrifice and financial hardship when deciding what price to pay:

  • If paying for a program might be difficult, but not detrimental, it qualifies as a financial sacrifice. If paying full price would be a financial sacrifice, consider paying a slightly discounted registration.
  • If paying for a program would lead to a harmful impact on your life, such as not being able to put food on the table, pay rent, or pay for your transportation to get to work, then you are dealing with hardship. If paying full price would be a financial hardship consider paying a substantially or completely discounted registration. 
  • If paying full price would be neither a financial hardship or a financial sacrifice, we ask you to consider paying full price and/or Pay It Forward with an additional donation.

While we have provided some suggestions to consider when deciding what price you can pay, we recognize that everyone’s financial means are unique, so we do not ask for any documentation and do not cast judgement on anyone’s ability or choice to pay.

Discounted and fully subsidized registrations are made possible by donations from community members like you! Consider making a one time donation today, or setup a recurring monthly donation to support registrations every season, or select an additional Pay It Forward donation with your program registration.


California Ultimate’s ability to use Pay What You Can as a tool for accessibility is only made possible by the generous support of donations. Pay It Forward donations support California Ultimate’s efforts to further our mission, supporting the following:

  • Covering the costs of participants who do not have the means to pay full price
  • Paying coach and volunteer development expenses, such as background checks, safe sport training, & coach certifications
  • Supporting our partnership with Up2Us and our Americorps coaches and program coordinators
  • Supporting Project Disc Go which gives discs to under-resourced youth; each disc is stamped with a QR code that links that youth to helpful beginner skill videos and more Ultimate programs

For CA High School State Championships, $50 is the full program cost that is needed to cover all of California Ultimate’s expenses. This includes field expenses, services/amenities, discs, administration, and supplies including official USAU trophies. California Ultimate provides a high quality program experience which we are able to continually improve and grow through increased registrations and donations.

California Ultimate highly encourages volunteering for your program registration, regardless of your means. Check out our Volunteer Page to find opportunities that fit your abilities and availability – or just mark that you are interested in volunteering on your registration and we will be in touch!

California Ultimate is excited to implement Pay What You Can as a tool to help us further our mission and level the playing field, however this concept did not originate from California Ultimate. Check out our amazing friends at Triangle Ultimate in North Carolina who embraced the idea from other local nonprofits and the book, The Sliding Scale: A Tool for Economic Justice by Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

Rough Timeline for Team Admins:

  • (Updated) Through April 14 – Expression of Interest collection to determine event formats
  • (Updated) April 14 – Registration opens
  • (Updated) April 17 – Hotel deal(s) listed
  • (Updated) May 5 – At least 10 team players must be registered through Ultimate Central; AND the team must be signed up through USAU’s team portal
  • (Updated) Through May 6 – Ensure your entire roster is in good standing with USAU and listed on your Event Roster, including coaches’ and chaperones’ certifications and background checks (these can take up to two weeks to process so start early!)
  • (Updated) May 12 – Last day to register players; no refunds after this point
  • May 17 – Schedule posted
  • May 20-21, 2023 – CA High School State Championships

2022 CA Open HS State Championship Spirit Scores

Teams rank each other (and do a self reflection) on: Rules Knowledge & Use, Fouls & Body Contact, Fair-Mindedness, Attitude, and Communication. All scores are averages rounded to the nearest tenth. Division winners are in bold.
Berkeley (Upper)D12.
El CerritoD13.
Oakland TechD12.
Berkeley (Freshman)D22.
Berkeley (JV)D22.
de ToledoD20.
Santa BarbaraD22.