Our Board


Grant BoydExecutive Director, Founder, SafeSport certified
Grant founded CUA in 2017 and continues to innovate while running events that benefit members. He is the Vice President for the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams (LAOUT) and the Executive Director and founder of Southern California Youth Ultimate (SCYU). He has coached at over 50 LA school sites. When he’s not on the ultimate field, Grant makes homemade salsa and can be found playing disc golf.
Ian Brown President

Ian has been playing ultimate since 2004 and has experience at the youth, college, club, and local adult levels. He is passionate about growing the sport of Ultimate in ways that expand opportunity to play, protecting and strengthening the culture around SotG, and ensuring the sport expands its organizations, institutions, and infrastructure in a way that benefits and includes everyone. Professionally, he is a management consultant based in San Francisco.
Elizabeth Gupta-Harrison Secretary
David "pug" Anderson Treasurer
David "Pug" Anderson has been playing ultimate since 2000, and organizes and coaches ultimate wherever he is at the moment. Since 2017, David has coached mixed club, developmental men's, and mixed masters' grass and beach teams in the San Francisco Bay Area; including coaching AC Bandits (2017), Anchor (2018), and Early Bird Special (2019). David started playing ultimate in college at UCSD before playing club in the bay area. David currently organizes pickup and development club ultimate in Sacramento, CA.
Cliff HannaDirector At-Large
Cliff has coached Ultimate at Torrey Pines High School and for the former U-20 Mixed team SoCal Powerline. He has played ultimate since 1979 including time on teams such as Ga Tech, Chain Lightning, Bay Area Tsunami, Santa Barbara Condors, So Cal Iguanas, and on Team USA at world championship events. Cliff is active in the DUDE community as a member of the Youth Committee; and he received the "volunteer of the year" award from DUDE in 2016. Cliff loves to see women play Ultimate with spirit and emotion including his three daughters. When he’s not on the ultimate field (preferably the beach ultimate field), Cliff works at General Atomics, a high-tech company in San Diego, CA.