Girls’ High School State Ultimate Championships

Hi parents, coaches, and players!

California Ultimate Association (CUA) is excited to be co-hosting this year’s Girls’ High School State Ultimate Championships with Bay Area Disc Association (BADA). Please check back here soon for more information.


Date: April 14, 2019

Place: El Cerrito High School

Division: U20 Girls’

Registration: Make sure your players, coaches, and chaperones are all registered, AND that your team is registered for the event on USA Ultimate’s website by April 3rd. Please email California’s State Youth Competition Coordinator at if you have questions or need help.

Bid Fee: $30/player. Teams will be invoiced once their event rosters are finalized on April 10th. Payment must be complete prior to playing.

Accommodations: If you would like to inquire about a local family possibly hosting some or all of your team, or conversely if you are willing to host, please email

Financial Aid: BADA and CUA highly encourage individuals to apply for financial aid if they are unable to pay part or all of our registration fees. We want to make sure that our sport is accessible to everyone! Please fill out BADA’s application prior to registering for the event. If approved, your registration fee will be waived or modified to reflect the financial aid.

If you need assistance paying for a USA Ultimate membership, please check out the “new player” discount detailed below and/or use the Play it Forward application.

If there is anything else we can help you with to make this program more accessible to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is a USAU Sanctioned tournament. As such:

  • All players must have a current USAU membership in order to participate.
  • Teams must comply with:
  • Each team must have at least one USAU certified Coach; this person does not have to have a High School specific certification in 2019.
  • Each team must have at least one USAU background checked Chaperone; this person can also be the Coach provided she/he is 18 or older. Chaperones must have a hard copy of the USAU medical form from all their players on the field for each game, otherwise medical staff may not be permitted to assist an athlete. Best practice for this is to have the Team Admin and Chaperone create a binder so everything is in one place and organized alphabetically for quick reference.
  • Team Managers / Administrators must register the team on the USAU website by April 10th in order to compete in the event.
    • For pre-existing teams:
      • The easiest method to sign everybody up is to “roll over” your roster from last year; then delete players that have graduated, and add new players. CLICK HERE for step by step instructions!
      • For new players to get a special 50% off membership rate:
        • Make sure parents signup their kids for a USA Ultimate ID #, then have them email it to you, the Team Manager. CLICK HERE for step by step instructions!
        • Team Managers must then send one spreadsheet to with all of the new athletes names, ID #s, genders, and email addresses.
        • USA Ultimate will manually give these new players the Youth Intro (special rate) Membership and email the Team Manager an invoice to pay for all of the new memberships at the same time via PayPal.
      • Returning players should automatically appear on the roster, but may need to renew their memberships.
        • To avoid the parents needing to go back to USA Ultimate’s site, it is recommended that the Team Manager pay for all of the membership renewals at once. CLICK HERE for step by step instructions!
          • Note you can only pay for a single type of registration per transaction; so after you’ve renewed all of your players, then go back and repeat the process for your coach(es).
    • For new teams:
      • Have your Team Manager go into her/his USA Ultimate account to first create a team, and then add personnel. CLICK HERE for step by step instructions!
      • Please read the section above about obtaining special discounted memberships for new players!
    • For ALL teams: When your team is rostered and all memberships have been renewed or purchased, your Team Manager then needs to register your team for the specific event and add people to the “event roster”. (Idea here is that not every athlete will play in every event; and as such, teams will only pay bid fees based on athletes on the event roster.) CLICK HERE for step by step instructions!

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