Our Mission & Values


To propel Ultimate in California to be a leading sport in Character, Competition, and Community.


California Ultimate aims to serve the ultimate community by providing resources to local leagues, organizers, players, coaches & spectators; providing them support from a state-focused organization rather than from national staff in order to increase the sport’s rate of growth and engage more youth in ultimate. We operate with the following ambitions:

  • Maintain an entrepreneurial philosophy, mindset, and approach
  • Stimulate community innovation
  • Support economic sustainability and scalability
  • Build local organizational capacity
  • Focus on local growth of members, events and programs
  • Grow youth ultimate; and
  • Develop strong partnerships with USA Ultimate


  • Equity and Diversity – these values are always to be embraced and promoted both in the actions of our board and as a community. California Ultimate is home to all genders, sexuality, races, and religions; but we will not stand up for hatred or discrimination of any kind.
  • Good Stewardship – there is a remarkable amount of leadership opportunity available in ultimate (i.e., team captains, community organizers, nonprofit boards, coaches). CUB should exemplify and teach good stewardship, not just of monetary resources, but of the resources we use as a community, like fields.
  • Excellence – CUB is not only looking to develop programs and our players, but we are looking to develop them well. This means setting tangible benchmarks, building skill, and developing best practices in our communities.


  • Serve as a professional, non-profit organization and resource for ultimate with an Executive Director to serve Affiliates, coaches, program administrators, leagues, and fans in a given geographic region.
  • Assist all Affiliates within the State Organization’s boundaries in offering national level programs, services & benefits created at Headquarters to all constituents in the local community.
  • Represent the primary resource and unbiased support system for any and all leagues within the territory.
  • Uphold USA Ultimate national standards (e.g., safety guidelines & best practices) within the territory.
  • Deliver programs, events, and services (Grants, Education & Training, Coaching Development Program, etc) to all constituents in the territory.
  • Focus primarily on youth ultimate, education, and safety.
  • Disseminate local and national ultimate news and communications to all constituents.
  • Attract, train, and retain quality volunteers for both the State Organization and national service.
  • Maintain organizational capacity to remain fully compliant with USA Ultimate governance.
  • Remain fiscally responsible to represented constituents with USA Ultimate funds as well as additional funds generated through programs, events, local fundraising, and sponsorships.