California Ultimate & Pittsburgh Ultimate proudly present the coolest virtual Ultimate (Frisbee) camp in the world! From absolute beginners to traveling team superstars, Uplift is the camp to learn & sharpen new skills, stay active, and meet new friends from across the country. Our coaches will keep you moving and grooving all summer long as you get detailed skills sessions and community discussion panels led by incredible guest coaches.


Camp Directors

Christie Lawry (she/they)

Christie’s ultimate career began in high school, captaining the school’s boys team and trying out for (U19) Team USA. She helped lead the Pitt women to Nationals for the first time in 2010 and won a Club title with DC Scandal in 2013. Coaching and building the ultimate scene (in size, leadership, and equity!) in Pittsburgh for almost 15 years, she has been the Executive Director of Pittsburgh Ultimate since 2015 and currently coaches the Pitt Men’s A team.

Grant Boyd (he/him)

Grant started playing ultimate in 2002 in front of his MA high school with a local player turned mentor. After starting his college team, coaching, and playing competitively in NYC, Grant moved to Los Angeles in 2012. After leading local clinics and youth events, Grant founded and is the the Executive Director of both Southern California Youth Ultimate (SCYU, pronounced Sky-You!) and California Ultimate Association. Grant has played for NY's Puppet Regime (X), PoNY (M), SoCal Condors (M), and last year for LA Lotus (X). He currently coaches at Thomas Starr King Middle School.

Camp Details

Our goal is to provide a safe place for athletes to learn & ask questions while also encouraging them to push the boundaries of their own comfort zones. We want you to try new things, be willing to fail, & support you as you try again.

All camp sessions will be held through Zoom. Activities during camp are intended to be done solo, in small spaces, with adult supervision nearby*. Daily “challenge” assignments might require very limited participation from someone in their household, but campers will be given a heads up to alert their families. We highly recommend all campers keep a mask on their person, if not on their face, depending on local restrictions and the safe space you choose to workout in.


  • 90-minute sessions daily
  • Focuses on introducing the sport in a fun and interactive way
  • Covers basic skills, strategies, and rules of the game
  • Discusses sportsmanship and what it means to be a good teammate
  • *For campers 4-6 years old, an adult co-participant is needed.

U15 & U20

  • U15 sessions run for 2-hours daily.
  • U20 sessions run for 3-hours daily.
  • Touches on fundamentals for everyone to ensure a thorough understanding of the most important pieces of the sport
  • Addresses leadership and ways to engage with your community, including discussion around equity
  • Approaches sport-specific fitness and training
  • Allows athletes to choose a personalized track based on experience level:
    • Level I – Whether you are brand new to the sport or have a couple of years of experience, Level I is an important place to start! Solidify fundamentals, ask questions to make sure you are growing as a player in a meaningful way, and develop communication skills around important community values.
    • Level 2 – If you are an experienced player and/or are looking for a deeper dive into the sport (or just completed Level 1!), Level 2 is a great spot for you. Coaches will expand on techniques to build your skills, demonstrate ways to study the game on your own, and share tools to help you lead within your communities. All Level 2 campers will have the option to get personal throwing form analysis by an Uplift Coach.*

Campers are welcomed and encouraged to attend multiple weeks of camp, as every week will have different material and additional amazing coaches. We encourage all U15 & U20 campers to consider choosing Level 1 as their first week to really re-focus on fundamentals (and shake the dust off!) and then choose Level 2 for their following camp.

Summer Camp Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: These times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST) but you can participate in whatever time zone you’re currently in! We already have campers signed up from across the country!


Registration cost is a sliding scale between $0 and $90. We don’t want finances to be a barrier to participation, hence we are offering a sliding scale price. The value of each camp ranges from $60-90, however, you may register for subsidized or free registration no questions asked! If you are interested in ‘paying it forward’, add a donation here to help CUA make this and other ‘pay what you can’ programs sustainable.

Enter Coupon Code “UPLIFT20” at checkout for a $20 Scholarship

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Please note: Local ultimate organizations are working hard to bring folks together and are still struggling to keep their doors open due to the pandemic. We appreciate anything you can pay. Part of your camp fee will go directly back into local disc organizations. See list of partner orgs down below.

USA Ultimate Membership: Uplift Ultimate Camp is sanctioned through USA Ultimate which means all campers must be Members. The cost of an Affiliate Membership is included (at a discount) in the Camp’s cost. If you’re already a USAU Member, we’ve set a lower price point for you. Membership provides both us and you with insurance and also provides all of our coaches with access to SafeSport certification!

register now!

  • After you click “Buy now” please be patient as you are redirected to the second part of registration; a Google Form is your final step on the path to Camp!
  • Registration for each session of Camp closes at 11:59PM PST on the Saturday before Camp begins.

After you click “Buy now” please be patient as you are redirected to the second part of registration; a Google Form is your final step on the path to Camp!

Merchandise & Practice Discs



One of our personal favorite pieces of our sport is meeting other people who share our passion and forming meaningful friendships with athletes from varying backgrounds and locations. Created while pandemic restrictions still affect many, Uplift aims to create pathways to open communication across time zones and foster the kind of community that has given so much to us.

There will be times throughout camp when athletes will be given a choice of which topic they wish to explore. We believe that this allows us to cater camp toward individuals and make sure that everyone has a voice in their camp experience.

Note: these are examples of potential sessions; Uplift does not promise to host these exact topics.
  1. We’ll send you a packet detailing how to download and set up Zoom on the device of your choosing.
  2. We will host a Sunday evening Camp Calibration before each Camp session so that you can meet our staff and get comfortable with Zoom.
  3. Every Zoom session will open up 15 minutes before camp starts; show up early to make new friends and make sure your phone, tablet, or computer is ready to go. The Monday session of every camp will open up 30 minutes beforehand!

So much! We have an all-star cast of coaches that will be delivering programming chalk-full of expertise, perspective, tools, and brilliance. That being said, we can’t fit all of our amazing coaches into one week; we encourage anyone who wants to experience our full staff and range of topics to sign up for multiple weeks of camp to really see what Uplift has to offer.


  • Campers should plan to wear comfortable clothing. Athletic wear is encouraged (cotton or tech fabric, no big buttons/zippers/clasps)
  • All campers MUST wear athletic shoes while attending camp unless a coach instructs them otherwise. If you want to wear cleats (football or soccer are best) you may, but you need to also have tennis shoes handy
  • At least one (1) disc! Ideally it is 175g. The leading brand in our sport is Discraft (check out our store here to get an Uplift disc, or a whole bundle!), but a Wham-o Frisbee from the pharmacy will work too. Don’t have access to a disc? Let us know in your registration form and we’ll do our best to get one to you before camp.
  • Access to water and/or a reusable water bottle
  • Any necessary health/safety items (inhaler, Epipen, allergy meds, ankle brace, tape, etc)
  • Weather gear (sunscreen/hat/sunglasses for sun protection, umbrella/rain jacket for rain protection)


  • Test your WiFi and/or cell reception in the space you intend to workout. If you will need to rely on cellular coverage, please make sure you have a conversation with your guardian about that prior to registering for camp.
  • Make sure to charge your device(s) every night before camp, and possibly the hour before as well.
  • Have a charger nearby if possible.
  • Our goal is to make all activities possible to complete in a rather small space and by yourself (with adult supervision nearby). Wherever you are, please be sure to avoid sharp objects and clear any objects you might trip over. Ask an adult for help if you need help finding or clearing a safe area to workout. A yard is ideal, but a park, sidewalk, or alleyway where a trusted adult can still see you will work as well.
  • COVID-19 is still a concern for many communities; if you’re in an area where others might walk very near your space, please consider having a mask handy to exercise in (we recommend a neckie which is always available to pull up over your mouth and nose).
  • REMEMBER: always consider your own safety, but be a great community member by considering other’s safety as well.